Static Var Generator Cabinet (50Kvar-400Kvar)

Short Description:

The advantages of a static VAR generator (SVG) cabinet include improved power factor correction, voltage stability, and enhanced power quality. It also offers fast response time, compact size for space efficiency, and lower maintenance requirements. The SVG cabinet helps maximize energy efficiency by adjusting reactive power output, reduces voltage fluctuations, and ensures stable power supply. Additionally, it contributes to reduced equipment failures by managing harmonics and improves the overall reliability and operational efficiency of power systems.


- No over compensation, no under compensation, no resonance
- Reactive power compensation effect
- PF0.99 level reactive power compensation
- Three-phase unbalance compensation
- Capacitive inductive load-1~1
- Real-time compensation
- Dynamic response time less than 50ms
- Modular design
Rated  reactive power compensation Capacity50Kvar ; 100Kvar ; 200Kvar ; 250Kvar ; 300Kvar; ;400Kvar ; 270Kvar(500V) ; 360Kvar (690V)
Nominal voltage:AC400V(-40%~+15%) ; 500V(-20%~+15%) ; 690V(-20%~+15%)
Network: 3 phase 3 wire/3 phase 4 wire

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SVG Product Benefits

Capacitor Banks or Reactor Banks (LC) Static Var Generators(SVG)
Response time • Contactor-based solutions take at least 30s to 40s to mitigate the problem and thyristor-based solutions 20ms to 30ms ✔ Real-time mitigation of power quality problems as the overall response time is less than 100µs
Output • Depends on step sizes, cannot match load demand in real time
• Depends on grid voltage as capacitor units & reactors are used
 Instantaneous, continuous, stepless and seamless
 Grid voltage fluctuation has no influence on the output
Power factor correction • Capacitor banks needed for inductive loads and reactor banks for capacitive loads. Problems in systems with mixed loads
• Not possible to guarantee unity power factor as they have steps, system will be having continuous over and undercompensation
 Corrects simultaneously from -1 to +1 power factor of lagging (inductive) and leading (capacitive) loads
 Guaranteed unity power factor at all times without any over or undercompensation (stepless output)
Design & sizing • Reactive power studies needed to size the proper solution
• Usually oversized to better adjust to changing load demands
• Need to be designed taking into account system harmonics
• Custom-built for specific load and network conditions
 Not required extensive studies as it is adjustable
 Mitigation capacity can be exactly what load demands
 Unaffected by harmonic distortion in the system
Can adapt to load and network conditions & changes
Resonance • Parallel or series resonance can amplify currents in the system  No risk of harmonic resonance with the network
Overloading • Possible due to slow response and/or variation of loads  Not possible as current limited to max. RMS current
Footprint & installation • Medium to large footprint, especially if several harmonic orders
• Not simple installation, especially if loads upgraded frequently
 Small footprint and simple installation as modules are compact in size. Existing switchgear can be used
Expansion • Limited and depends on load conditions and network topology  Simple (and not dependant) by adding modules
Maintenance & lifetime • Using components that need extensive maintenance like fuses, circuit breakers, contactors, reactors and capacitor units
• Switching, transients and resonance reduce lifetime
 Simple maintenance and service life up to 15 years as there is no electro-mechanical switching and no risk of transients or resonance




Static VAR generator selection quick reference table
              Reactive power content 

Transformer capacity

C0Sφ≤0.5 0.5≤c0sφ≤0.6 0.6≤c0sφ≤0.7 0.7≤cosφ≤0.8 0.8≤cosφ≤0.9
200 kVA 100 kva 100 kva 100 kvar 100 kya 100 kva
250 kVA 150 kvar 100 kya 100 kyar 100 kvar 100 kvar
315 kVA 200 kvar 100 kvar 100 kva 100 kvar 100kvar
400 kVA 200 kvar 200 kya 200 kyar 150 kva 100kvar
500 kVA 300 kvar 300 kvar 300 kvar 150 kvar 100 kvar
630 kVA 300 kva 300 kvar 300kvar 200 kvar 150kvar
800 kVA 500 kvar 500 kva 300kvar 300 kvar 150 kvar
1000kVA 600kva 500kya 500 kvar 300 kva 200 kvar
1250 kVA 700 kvar 600 kvar 600 kvar 500 kvar 300 kvar
1600 kVA 800 kya 800 kvar 800 kyar 500 kva 300 kvar
2000 kVA 1000 kvar 1000 kvar 800 kvar 600 kvar 300kvar
2500 kVA 1500 kvar 1200 kvar 1000 kvar 8000 kvar 500 kvar
*This table is for selection reference only, please contact us for specific selection



Working Principle

The principle of the SVG is very similar to that of Active harmonic Filter, When the load is generating inductive or capacitive current, it makes load current lagging or leading the voltage. SVG detects the phase angle difference and generates leading or lagging current into the grid, making the phase angle of current almost the same as that of voltage on the transformer side, which means fundamental power factor is unit. YIY-SVG is also capable of correcting load imbalance

Technical Specifications

TYPE 220V    Series 400V   Series 500V   Series 690V    Series
Rated compensation
5KVar 10KVar15KVar/35KVar/50KVar/75KVar/100KVar 90KVar 100KVar/120KVar
Nominal voltage AC220V(-20%~+15%) AC400V(-40%~+15%) AC500V(-20%~+15%) AC690V(-20%~+15%)
Rated frequency 50/60Hz±5%
Network Single phase 3 phase 3 wire/3 phase 4 wire
Response time <10ms
Reactive  powe
compensation  rate
Machine efficiency >97%
Switching frequency 32kHz 16kHz 12.8kHz 12.8kHz
Function Reactive power compensation
Numbers in paralle No limitation.A single centralized monitoring module can be equipped with up to 8 power modules
Communication methods Two-channel RS485 communication interface (support GPRS/WIFI wireless communication)
Altitude without derating <2000m
Temperature 20~+50℃
Humidity <90%RH,The average monthly minimum temperature is 25°C without condensation on the surface
Pollution level Below level I
Protection function Overload protection,hardware over-current protection,over-voltage protection,power grid voltage protection
power failure protection,over-temperature protection,frequency anomaly protection,short circuit protection,etc
Noise <50dB <60dB <65dB
nstallation RackWall-mounted
Into the way of line Back entry (rack type), top entry (wall-mounted type)
Protection grade IP20

Product naming


Product Appearance

Model Capacity System Voltage (V) Size(w3*D3*H3)(mm) Cooling Mode
YIY SVG-50-0.4-4L-C 50Kvar 400V(-40%~+15%) 800*1000*2200(Cabinet 1)
800*1000*1600(Cabinet 2)
Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-100-0.4-4L-C 100Kva 400V(-40%~+15%) 800*1000*2200(Cabinet 1)
800*1000*1600(Cabinet 2)
Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-200-0.4-4L-C 200Kvar 400V(-40%~+15%) 800*1000*2200(Cabinet 1)
800*1000*1600(Cabinet    2)
Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-250-0.4-4L-C 250Kya 400V(-40%~+15% 800*1000*2200(Cabinet 1)
800*1000*1600(Cabinet 2)
Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-300-0.4-4L-C 300Kva 400V(-40%~+15% 800*1000*2200(Cabinet 1)
800*1000*1600(Cabinet 2)
Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-400-0.4-4L-C 400Kvar 400V(-40%~+15% 800*1000*2200(Cabinet 1)
800*1000*1600(Cabinet 2)
Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-270-0.5-4L-C 270Kya 500V(-20%~+15%) 800*1000*2200(Cabinet 1) Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-360-0.69-4L-C 360Kvar 690V(-20%~+15%) 800*1000*2200(Cabinet 1) Forced air cooling
*Cabinet 1 can accommodate 5 modules. Cabinet 2 can accommodate 3 modules.
*If you need any other sizes, please contact us for customization.