Consumers, an increasingly important player in the Romanian energy market

       During the conference “Prosumer – an increasingly important player in the Romanian energy market”, organized by the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council (CNR-CME) in partnership with Electrica SA and Electrica Furnizare SA on June 27, 2023. Highlighted this stage in the process of attracting consumers in network and identify problems that need to be addressed to remove existing barriers.
        Increasingly, domestic and non-domestic energy consumers want to become prosumers, that is, active users – both consumers and producers of electricity. In recent years, the concept of prosumers has become increasingly popular due to the growing interest in photovoltaic panels and renewable energy solutions, and the growth rate of requests for connecting prosumers to the distribution network.
        “Increasing energy production from renewable sources and reducing, even completely eliminating, the production of fossil fuels are solutions recommended and accepted by experts and the public in this field. In these conditions, distributed generation becomes an opportunity to increase the security of energy supplies to consumers, and it is also possible to control prices , which led to a significant increase in the number of consumers, including through financial support – the Environmental Fund. During the meeting, we will analyze the current situation in the network and the implementation of the prosumer market, network connection technologies. Specific problem topics, business aspects and possible solutions to eliminate We will also identify some aspects related to the impact of connecting a large number of prosumers in certain areas, especially in low-voltage networks, which are not always very developed and do not have sufficient technical conditions to connect such a large number of consumers. This will mainly affect distribution operators, but sooner or later it will also affect consumers and even the power grid. As is the case with the electric power industry. This is why it is necessary to ensure the appropriate voltage level for each electricity consumer,” said Mr. Stefan Gheorghe, Executive Director General of CNR. -CME, at the opening of the conference.
        Professor, doctor, engineer. Ion Lungu, CNR-CME consultant and conference moderator, said: “The phrase “integration of energy market prosumers” means two things: integration from a commercial point of view and integration of distribution networks, which are equally important. the market is not only desirable, but also stimulated at the political level. Possible Solution.”
        As a special guest speaker, Mr. Viorel Alicus, Director General of ANRE, analyzed the rapid development of the number of prosumers in the previous period, the current stage of prosumers’ access to the network and the problems faced by prosumers. Because the units were brought into service so quickly, the distribution network was impacted. He also presented the conclusions of the analysis carried out by ANRE, according to which: “Over the last 12 months (from April 2022 to April 2023), the number of prosumers has increased by approximately 47,000 people and by more than 600 MW each. To support the growing trend of prosumers, Mr. Alikus emphasized: “At ANRE, we are working hard to change and improve the regulatory framework to eliminate the role of new consumers in the connection process and energy trading. “Obstacles encountered in the manufacturing process of electrical products.”
       The following points were highlighted as the main aspects arising from the speakers’ speeches and active discussions of the expert group:
        • After 2021, the number of prosumers and their installed capacity will grow exponentially. As of the end of April 2023, the number of prosumers exceeded 63,000 with an installed capacity of 753 MW. It is expected to exceed 900 MW by the end of June 2023;
       • Quantitative compensation has been introduced, but there are long delays in issuing invoices to individual consumers;
       • Distributors face a number of challenges in maintaining voltage quality, both in terms of voltage value and harmonics.
        • Disorganization in connection, especially in setting up the inverter. ANRE recommends entrusting the services of inverter administrator to distribution operators;
       • Benefits for consumers are paid by all consumers through distribution tariffs;
       • Aggregators and energy communities are good solutions for managing and utilizing PV and wind energy.
       • ANRE develops rules for energy compensation at consumer production facilities and their consumption, as well as in other places (primarily for the same supplier and the same distributor).

Post time: Nov-10-2023