Active Harmonic Filters(AHF-23-0.2-2L-R)

Short Description:

The purpose of single-phase Active Harmonic Filters is to reduce or eliminate harmonic distortions in the average home power system and improve power quality. Single-phase active filters are typically used in residential and small commercial applications.
Where non-linear loads, such as computers, electronic equipment and lighting systems, generate harmonics that can cause various problems, single-phase active filters are more targeted and relatively less costly than three-phase active filters.

- 2nd to 50th harmonic mitigation

- Real-time compensation

- Modular design

- Protect equipement from being over heated or failure

- Improve working efficiency of equipment


Rated compensation current:23A
Nominal voltage:AC220V(-20%~+15%)
Network: Single phase

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Typical Application Field

资源 2@2x

Modern architecture

Harmonic source: rectifier, inverter

Harmonic equipment: switching power supply, air conditioning, elevator, LED

Working Principle

External CT detects the load current, DSP as CPU has advanced logic control arithmetic, could quickly track the instruction current, divides the load current into active power and reactive power by using the intelligent FFT, and calculates the harmonic content rapidly and accurately. Then it sends PWM signal to internal IGBT's driver board to control IGBT on and off at 20KHZ frequency. Finally generates opposite phase compensation current on inverter induction, at the same time CT also detects the output current and negative feedback goes to DSP. Then DSP proceeds the next logical control to achieve more accurate and stable system.


Technical Specifications

TYPE 220V  Series 400V  Series 500V Series 690V Series
Rated compensation current 23A 15A、25A、50A
100A 100A
Nominal voltage AC220V
Rated frequency 50/60Hz±5%
Network Single phase 3 phase 3 wire/3 phase 4 wire
Response time <40ms
Harmonics filtering 2nd to 50th Harmonics,The number of compensation can be selected,and the range of single compensation can be adjusted
Harmonic compensation rate >92%
Neutral line filtering capability / The filtering capacity of 3 phase 4 wire neutral line is 3 times of that of phase fiitering
Machine efficiency >97%
Switching frequency 32kHz 16kHz 12.8kHz 12.8kHz
Function Deal with harmonics
Numbers in parallel No limitation.A single centralized monitoring module can be equipped with up to 8 power modules
Communication methods Two-channel RS485 communication interface (support GPRS/WIFI wireless communication)
Alfitude without derating <2000m
Temperature -20~+50℃
Humidity <90%RH,The average monthly minimum temperature is 25°C without condensation on the surface
Pollution level Below level III
Protection function Overload protection,hardware over-current protection,over-voltage protection,power failure protection,over-temperature protection,frequency anomaly protection,short circuit protection,etc
Noise <50dB <60dB <65dB
nstallation Rack/Wall-mounted
Into the way of line Back entry(rack type),top entry(wall-mounted type)
Protection grade IP20



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